Training - A Piece of Cake?

August 12, 2022
Dave O'Connell
I have the inherited the awesome responsibility of baking my wife’s birthday cake each year, and, just to clarify – NOT a baker. About the polar opposite, you’ve heard the term, “burn water?”, yep, that’s me. And to make matters worse, I’m also the guy that literally opens the frig and says, “hey, has anyone seen the relish?”…and then someone comes by and points to it…on the shelf, in front of me, that I’m looking at. So, yeah, not a guy you normally want in the kitchen. BUT, I did make a really great cake the first time I had to do it for my wife’s birthday (emergency – no one available), and kind of like having me put up the Christmas tree - which has mysteriously fallen down MANY times - I have inherited the job. And it is NOT a job I want to mess up; she’s really cool, my wife, and I love her, lots… so, pressure on.

So, what the heck does cake have to do with training? Well, it’s about preparation, organization, practice, and revision leading to getting better. And those qualities have everything to do with training. Let me go back to “cake” for a minute. I had to prepare to bake this cake – and I have to “re-prepare” every year, because I only do it once (believe me, no one wants me in the kitchen more than that!). So, I pull up my directions, read them over, make sure I have the ingredients and buy those I don’t. And in doing that – looking at the directions each year – I revise. I improve. I edit. That is EXACTLY what great trainers do. They don’t just sit back after class with a, “nailed it!”, rest on their laurels, and wait for the next session. No, they take notes during, recall after, and revise…every time. And, they get better, and so does their training.

So, if you have to do some training, or are looking for a good trainer; think about their dedication to getting it as perfect as possible. No one knocks it out of the park the first time, not usually, but with practice comes a constant movement towards perfection…and who doesn’t want a perfect piece of cake!

And, yes, I’m a MUCH better trainer, than cook… ; )

BTW – email me at if you want the recipe and DETAILED instructions on how to make a milk chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing; always glad to share! And yes, my wife loved the cake!
Fairfax, VA 
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