What We Train

Clear Path delivers technology training to businesses tailored for the unique needs of each organization on AMS platforms, CRM software, Artificial Intelligince (AI), Business and Office Suite applications and on any platform clients wish use to engage us upon

Association Management Software (AMS)

Clear Path is dedicated to the Association market and provide focused training on multiple AMS platforms.  From vast experience instructing Aptify and Nimble AMS to providing instruction on Personify to Fonteva, let us create training unique to your organization  that helps your employees help your clients!

We want to grow your knowledge of the tools you use most!

Microsoft 365 Online and Desktop Apps

Need some help adopting the latest version of Microsoft?  We provide custom and pre-developed training on MS Office 365 adoption and all individual Microsoft Apps: One Drive, SharePoint, Teams, Excel, Word, PPT, Forms, OneNote, etc...Whatever the Microsoft App(s) - we can train and build an agenda specific to your needs!

Download a Sample Microsoft 365 Adoption, Excel Basic/Advanced I, and/or Teams Course Descriptions Below

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software 

Clear Path is dedicated to the Association market and provide focused training on multiple CRM platforms. Need help with Salesforce or HubSpot or even help adopting Freshdesk - Clear Path can help!  We design personalized training that will help your employees maximize their usage!

Let Clear Path remove the road blocks of learning!

Course Descriptions

Clear Path can deliver training in a traditional agenda driven format as outlined in the sample Microsoft course descriptions below, or organizations can work with our trainers to form their own agendas for CRM and AMS training across specific modules and/or topics.  

Microsoft 365 Adoption 

Clear Path’s Microsoft 365 Adoption  course is the answer for ensuring that your staff understands all the capabilities of working with both the web based components of Microsoft's latest release and the Desktop Apps.  Fundamental overview with emphasis on day-to-day processes covered in hands on exercises for all the major business apps: Outlook, Teams, Excel, Word, and PPT.  Additional Apps can be included.

Microsoft Teams Basics

Clear Path’s Basic Teams course instructs users on the major elements of Microsoft Teams; how to setup Teams and Channels, the use of Chat and how to label posts, and how to configure Meetings for both internal and external audiences and whether in Chat, Channels, Calendar, or using Calls. Coverage of File management and incorporation of recommended Apps included.

Microsoft Excel Basics

Clear Path’s Microsoft Excel Basics course teaches users the fundamentals of how to use spreadsheets, leverage templates, utilize formulas and functions as well as basic formatting and charting.  Great class to ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page in maximizing their use of Excel.

Microsoft Excel Advanced 

Clear Path’s Microsoft Excel Advanced course takes spreadsheet functions to the next level. Use of the latest and most effective functions, formulas, formatting covered as well as using x lookup, pivot tables, advanced chart functions, macros, and importing data.  Power BI preview included. 
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