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Clear Path provides focused  AMS, CRM, MS Office, and application specific training for Associations, Non-Profits, and For Profits. We are dedicated to delivering clear and tangible lessons that maximize your software platforms!
Clear Path wants to be your learning partner as you integrate your systems and your everyday work. We don't just want to teach you, we want to learn your business and help you improve through best practice training on your systems with your data following and reinforcing your business processes.

Key Differentiators

Dedicated Resource & Cost Savings

With Clear Path Membership, your Trainer is with you for life!  They train on your processes, in the time you need them, using your data, and on a lesson plan that you help form! We work with you to form your agenda on the topics you need, on the software you are using! Let us be your fractional Chief Learning Officer (CLO)!

And no need to hire a full time trainer or worse yet dump training onto your Consulting and/or Support functions.  Clear Path saves you time AND money that could be better spent.  And best yet...we KNOW how to train - we've been doing this for decades!

Live Custom AND On Demand Video Learning!

Need your live training sessions recorded BUT parsed into digestible lessons?  We do that!  Our post class recordings -delivered to you after your live sessions - enable users to quickly get to the time stamped topic they need.  No more wading through 3 hour recordings! Perfect for onboarding and retraining!

Customized to YOU!

NO generic training allowed!  We will be using your version of the software, with your data, your processes, and on the functions you need to learn to use it fully!

Meet the Founder

Dave O'Connell

Chief Learning Officer
Educator with 30 years instructional design and teaching experience.  Dedicated to helping Non-Profits and Associations learn about and effectively use their critical software applications.


  • Rohini Dhir

    Head of Learning & Development at Josh Software
    Dave O'Connell is one of my best mentors in Training Industry. He is detail oriented and extremely dedicated to serving clients and employees of the organization. His relationship building skills and personality as a trainer come with the right energy, positivity and boldness. As a Product Specialist and a senior member in the Association Industry, Dave is one of the most knowledgeable, mature, reliable & resourceful person who is always willing to share relevant information and content for learning new skills and developing others, Thank you Dave for the journey of nearly 6 years of working with me. I had a great opportunity to learn from you as my direct reporting manager.
  • Larry Fontillas

    Director Solution Engineering, Enterprise Nonprofit at
    I cannot recommend Dave enough, what an amazing leader and teacher. Dave built an awesome brand at our mutual employer and is someone who went above and beyond in enabling our customers. Dave was not just a teacher but really an advocate for customers validating their decisions. He continued to build up our solution and showed customers the value they were getting in a way they could grasp. Additionally, he made it fun and engaging to learn the solution. Beyond teaching, Dave was a leader. He helped drive the creation of our solution for quickly and easily delivery from Sales to Professional Services to Go Live. Dave was great to work and collaborate with on a daily basis!
  • Amith Nagarajan

    Founder, Investor, Board Member, Conscious Capitalism Practitioner
    "Dave is a tremendous professional who always gives 110%

    His skill as a trainer in the classroom resulted in countless individuals gaining greater insight into software and business process improvements.

    He developed a comprehensive curriculum and spearheaded the delivery of it. As the group grew he trained many others to replicate his success.

    Dave was always willing to do whatever needed to be done to ensure the customer was thrilled. I can’t recommend him highly enough, he’ll be a key player in any organization fortunate enough to have him.
Fairfax, VA
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