How We Train 

Clear Path trains by offering clients two levels of training engagement:
Custom Live Training and Clear Path Membership

Custom Live Training

Clients can engage Clear Path to create and deliver any desired number of Custom Training modules as desired. 
 Benefits listed below included:

Audience Specific

  • Unlimited attendance – No per-seat charges
  • Any size class – large groups, small groups, 1x1, etc
  • At any level of software adoption - From initial implementation to existing usage
  • Any topical grouping and timing
  • Modules approximate 4 -6 Hours of Live Training time

Personalized Planning and Agendas

  • Clear Path works/meets with stakeholders to develop an agreed upon training plan and agenda
  • Conduct services specifically on client software – NO “genericized” solutions - using clients data/examples AND business processes
  • Train on the software you have, at levels you need
  • Emphasize best practices - taught what maximizes efficiency and accuracy
  • Post Class Assessments available for gauging audience retention

Never Lose What You Learn

  • Record all Sessions - Time Stamp all distinct agenda topics per – easy to relocate/re-listen
  • Perfect for onboarding new hires/cross training - enables new staff/retraining throughout year
  • Video lessons delivered to client upon completion
  • Assessments can be created and tracked for each topic


Clear Path Membership

Clients can get their own Fractional Chief Learning Officer with discounted benefits AND regularly scheduled Office Hours!

Fractional Chief Learning Officer

  • Removes constant pressure on IT to deliver training solutions to Users
  • Assumes the role of onboarding/refreshing staff with software training
  • Quarterly Planning Check Ins to formulate and schedule upcoming training
  • Deep and personal understanding of, and responsive to, clients’ training needs/pain points
  • Dedicated to client for SubscriptionClient Lifetime

Class Development and Delivery 

  • Includes all benefits of Custom Live Training (See above)
  • Offered through Membership Tiers:
    • Bronze: 4-8 Days per Year
    • Silver: 9-12 Days per Year
    • Gold: 13-16 Days per Year
    • Platinum: 17+ Days per Year
  • Each Tier progressively discounts: contact us for pricing

Office Hours

  • Focus on any CP Client Custom Live Training or On Demand Video content
  • Scheduled weekly/monthly to solution client questions/scenarios/review processes
  • Effectively augment onboarding/retraining personnel – combo On Demand Video learning & Office Hours
  • Amount of Office Hours expandable through Membership Tiers:
    • Bronze: 1 Hour per Month
    • Silver: 2 Hours per Month
    • Gold: 3 Hours per Month
    • Platinum: 4 Hours per Month
  • Additional Office Hours can be purchased ad hoc during course of Membership

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